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Ordinary folks

I hope you have found this site useful. If you have any suggestions for additions or corrections to the contents, just email me via the address below. All ideas gratefully received!

Unpersuaded creationists

I am aware, naturally, that some people may disagree with what I have written. Fine, that's your prerogative. But before you try contacting me personally, may I suggest that you have a good ol' browse around the Talk Origins Archive and Talk Design. Then, if your comments aren't already covered, do ask!

However, I can honestly tell you that I have neither time nor inclination to get into one-to-one email discussions. Sorry, but been there, done that. So if you want to discuss* anything with me, you will have more success if you come along to the Secular Café forum Life, the Universe and Everything. There, if you are genuinely curious, you can have all manner of queries answered by a wide range of folks -- including myself, and including many professional scientists -- who by definition do so when they do have the time!


Oolon Colluphid can be contacted at:

Secular Café

or click here to email.



* Discuss, as opposed to preaching, witnessing, recycling the same old stuff for the billionth time (like you're the first person to have the idea, and scientists who spend their lives studying this stuff are too incompetent to have thought of it themselves), telling me how I'm going to burn in your sadistic god's hell, and so forth.

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