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Creation or Evolution Analysed—
Does It Really Matter If We Tell You Any Old Nonsense?

Cover of the 'Creation or Evolution' bookletHere I present a point-by-point examination of a booklet entitled Creation or Evolution—Does It Really Matter What You Believe? The full text is available online here, as a pdf file here, and may be obtained as a hard copy via the literature request here.

Produced by the United Church of God, this colourful magazine-style pamphlet claims to examine the evidence for evolution... and comes to a rather surprising conclusion: despite the last 150 years and more of research, scientists are wrong, and evolution is a lot of nonsense! Furthermore, Biblical creation is more plausible!

Gosh! And indeed, wow! They must present one hell of a case.

So I thought to myself: if what they say is true, it should, like all good scientific claims, stand up to close scrutiny. At the least, it should sound rock solid and persuasive to someone like myself, with no formal qualifications in these matters beyond an ancient biology A Level, and only a keen interest and a few shelves full of books to fall back on. So let's scrutinise it!

Since the publishers also produce The Good News magazine, which is subtitled 'A Magazine of Understanding', I feel sure that they would approve of anything that increases human understanding. I therefore reproduce their text here for educational purposes and so it can be fully annotated.

The contents list below links to the analysis of each section; each section links back to the original web page for the 'chapter' (though they're not actually called 'chapters' in the booklet.)

And, apologies in advance: this is a work in progress, and progress is going to be gradual, since I'm bound to be writing far more as comments than there the authors have written in the original booklet! Bear with me, and feel free to email any comments, suggestions or amendments, or to ask questions. (See my usual caveat though.)


  1. Society's Dramatic Shift

  2. Science, the Bible and Wrong Assumptions

  3. The Testimony of the New Testament

  4. Scientists, Creation and Evolution

  5. Ancient Near-Eastern Concepts of Creation

  6. The Greek Concept of Creation

  7. What Does the Fossil Record Show?

  8. The Case Against Evolution

  9. Out-of-Place Fossils

  10. What Does the Fossil Record Show?

  11. Evolution: Fact or Fiction?

  12. The Miracle of the Eye

  13. Darwinism Not the Same as Evolution

  14. Blood Clotting: A Biological Miracle

  15. Two Supposed Examples of Darwinian Evolution

  16. Animal Oddities That Defy Evolution

  17. Cooperation or Competition: Symbiosis vs. Evolution

  18. The Scientific Evidence: A Critical Choice

  19. The Search for Alternatives to a Creator

  20. Creation and Evolution: The Biblical Explanation

  21. Earth's Age: Does Genesis 1 Indicate a Time Interval?

  22. Genesis 1 and the Days of Creation

  23. Does It Really Matter What You Believe?

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